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  • I don’t understand why it’s so mainstream to equate Palestine with Hamas.

    Because the mainstream is unironically ignorant of the true political and social state of Palestinian society. They don’t realise that Hamas is an extremist Palestinian political party, while the actual moderate Palestinian faction worthy of support is the Palestinian Liberation Organisation. Show them this Wikipedia page of the ongoing civil war among Palestinians and you’d get cricket noises from the average perpetually online mainstream.

    Gaza is controlled by the Hamas, while the West Bank is controlled by PLO/Fatah. But no one in the mainstream in the Twiterrati, Facebook and other social media will know that, because they get junk food information from fake news and propaganda or their own bubble in those social platforms.

  • Same in Ireland. Over ten years of underfunding services and lack of affordable housing and then over time many refugees are coming in, which competes with the already strained infrastructure. Then in the recent local election, the far-right have gained more influence than before. And yet the media narrative has always been about these working class riff raffs giving the Irish bad name; or Russia amplifying discontent in social media. No one mentions that the working class and homeless have been made to compete with immigrants and refugees, through no fault of their own, are coming from regions wrecked by war, corruption and climate change. This has been a boon for the elites-- having more people create demand for artificially-made scare resources to increase the material value. Hotels are paid enormously by the government for taking in refugees and the owners are all too happy to do so.